German quality & thoroughness

Our aim is to provide you with the same professional cleaner every week. We offer a regular domestic cleaning service to suit all kinds of requirements and budgets.

We handle hallway floor cleaning with utmost care and especially use the correct chemicals to always give your floor that fantastic glossy and classy shine. Our years of experience guarantee excellent results!  We truly understand the importance of a clean and warm surrounding – that is why we only apply the most natural and non-toxic cleaners on the market, still thoroughly cleaning each floor, so that it shines and is left with a protective coating, that will keep the beauty and prestige of your home.

For us and our maids, it is from the utmost importance that once you enter your newly cleaned room you see, smell and feel the benefits of a professionally cleaned and preserved wooden floor – This will provide you with the comfort and ease of living in the one and only place we all truly love – home.

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With the high demand from our high profile customers Flexible Maid is dedicated to meet the daily demands with high standards, as we are not satisfied to fulfill their expectations, but we strive for more than happy customers. To achieve this, we regularly visit them and always find ways to furthermore exceed their expectation.

Flexible Maid is best known to always excel! Our staff has always delivered exceptional service to all our regular valued customers and maintained the performance over any period of time. Here at Flexible Maid we want to evolve the idea of the classical Maid Service, and try to keep you amazed and struck by the fact of what a dedicated Maid Service can be.

So what are you waiting for grab this opportunity to make a reservation and arrange a more personal and professional team who will cater your needs for Maid Services.

FlexibleMaid cleaning service is relaiable and provides good service!

Miss Sarah and Samiah

Sarah F.

FlexibleMaid have been excellent over the 18month we have used them, always reliable with outstanding value and results.

Mr. Nick and Fema

Mick A.