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5 star hotel cleaning standard

We aim to bring the highest quality Maid Service to you at affordable prices.

Our german trained, english speaking staff

We aim to bring you a reliable and committed service, always there to exceed your requirements.

No complain policy

We offer a no complain policy through quality assurance tools and our perfect cleaning service.

Satisfied Customers:

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FlexibleMaid’s cleaning services are reliable and provide good service! The coordinators are prompt in confirming the timings and my maid has never been late. She does her work very well and always with a smile. Thank you for all the great efforts! Sarah F.

FlexibleMaid have been excellent over the 18 months we have used them, always reliable with outstanding value and results! Nick M.

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  • Same professional cleaner at every appointment
  • Our regular domestic cleaning service is tailored to suit all kinds of requirements and budgets
  • Let us take the responsibility for the cleanliness of your house
  • We organize the schedule for all necessary treatments
  • Don’t worry about a clean house anymore
  • Be happy about a sparkling and good looking home / office at an affordable price

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